Azure Enterprise Billing

Azure Billing

ITEXACT’s enterprise billing tool brings your billing costs to life. By solving the current issue of allocating costs to various departments, in addition to constantly analysing what the organization is consuming and its daily costs.


  • Azure Role-based Access Control
  • Daily balances
  • Metadata information (including resource tags)
  • Usage for all offer types
  • Azure Role-based Access Control
  • MSDN, Monetary commitment, and Monetary credit offers(EA not supported) Daily Monthly and subs
  • Storage costs (SAP vs. non– SAP subscriptions) and VM costs
  • Cost of Azure products which make up a service
  • Full cost summary of resource functions and misused allocations
  • Ability to further categorise multi-functional department services & subscriptions

Possible scenarios

  • Azure spend during the month - Analyze daily, weekly and monthly usage and charge estimates.
  • Set up alerts - resource-based or monetary-based alerts.
  • Predict bill - Estimated cloud consumption, spend and charges.
  • Pre-consumption cost analysis.
  • What-if analysis - cost-effective configuration of the Azure resource.
  • Detailed departmental billing usage - determine inefficient areas and acquire improved rates.

With explosive tables and graphs that provide an in-depth overview and breakdown of your daily, weekly and monthly costs. The billing tool is easily available and can be exported to operate internally or externally.