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Looking Back on 2021

What will you remember 2021 for? Despite being another eventful year in the shadow of the pandemic, there’s been plenty to celebrate over the last twelve months – much of which sets the scene for a successful 2022.

ITEXACT looks back on 2021
When it Comes to Security, Do You Know How Exposed You Are?

In an ever-changing threat landscape, keeping on top of how exposed your security posture is can mean the difference between disaster and success. But how do you stay abreast of how exposed you are?

When it Comes to Security, Do You Know How Exposed You Are?
Improve Your Microsoft Secure Score with Surveil

Microsoft’s Secure Score is offering organisations a way to benchmark and improve their security posture – and Surveil is on hand to help them maximise the result.

Microsoft Secure Score and Surveil
3 Microsoft Ignite Announcements To Get Excited About

Ignite is already over for another year, but it certainly didn’t disappoint in providing us with a raft of amazing announcements to keep us excited through the winter months. We’ve compiled a few that caught our attention – and our imagination.

3 Announcements from Microsoft Ignite
Enter the Metaverse: What Does the ‘Future of the Internet’ Mean for Businesses?

There’s an exciting new buzzword on the block that’s promising to change the internet experience. But what exactly is the ‘metaverse’ – and can businesses gain just as much benefit as private users?

enter the metaverse
How Surveil Can Take the Horror Out of Cloud Costs

As with exploring any frontier, there can be many a danger lurking alongside your path to the cloud, ready to jump out at any moment. When it comes to keeping these costly cloud scares at bay, however, our users and partners have a secret weapon: Surveil.

Rewrite your cloud horror story with Surveil
ITEXACT Signs the Microsoft Partner Pledge

We can’t overcome the digital skills gap, climate change, and unethical AI alone – which is why Microsoft is inviting its partners to work together by signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

Reframing the Stigma Around Cost-Cutting Exercises in IT

When it comes to cost cutting and optimisation, there’s much to be said for the discomfort it can bring. But can we put this feeling aside for the benefit of effective cost optimisation? 

cost cutting
Your Security is Only as Good as Your Employee Buy-In

When it comes to security, the measure of excellence doesn’t stop at having the latest and greatest solutions at your fingertips – instead, organisations need to look to their employee buy-in to ensure the security success that sticks.