Transformative IT Consultancy

ITEXACT’s consulting services are designed to guide the traditional IT department out of its comfort zone – and towards impactful digital transformation.

Working closely with customers, our focused team of agile, highly-experienced consultants are able to identify and tackle various pain points located within the IT department, cutting through the noise and enabling IT leaders to do what they do best: managing the demands of their organisation’s user base.

Backed by our standing as Microsoft Gold Partners, ITEXACT has the expertise and technology at our fingertips to provide truly transformational IT consultancy, delivered at the bleeding edge of Microsoft’s solutions offering.

In short, the ITEXACT team will help you to move from where you are today, to an environment better suited to your organisation’s cloud-based and transformative ambitions.

digital transformation enablement from ITEXACT

Enabling Digital Transformation

ITEXACT’s consultative engagement approach provides IT leaders with the business transformation enablement they need to build a more effective technology environment – while also providing managed services around cloud-based applications.

driving change with transformational consultancy from ITEXACT

Driving Change

Our experts pride themselves on their shared generalist knowledge, allowing them to better respond and adapt to a range of customer needs and to introduce the innovative technology solutions and improvements necessary to drive real change.

digital transformation rooted in experience

Transformation Rooted in Experience

ITEXACT’s highly-successful IT transformational programmes have their roots in our experience with some of the largest companies in the world. Our successes are not limited by market either: our work within challenging emerging markets has given us a greater understanding of pain points endured globally.

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