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Smart Cloud Optimisation with Surveil

Optimise, secure, and control your Microsoft environment with Surveil.

Our Surveil platform sits at the heart of the ITEXACT offering, providing organisations with the actionable insights needed to maximise the value of their Microsoft 365 and Azure environments.

Drawing on AI-powered intelligence, Surveil makes it possible to optimise licences, improve productivity, secure identities, and pave the way for smart, effective digital transformation – all presented in clear, easy-to-understand dashboards.

Optimise with Surveil


Improve user adoption, streamline licensing costs, and improve productivity.

Secure with Surveil


Monitor MFA uptake and device security while closing gaps in identity.

Control with Surveil


Better understand your organisation’s data, functions, and IT investments.

Surveil cloud optimization


Make the most of your Microsoft investment through the optimisation of licensing costs, user adoption, and productivity – all achieved through automated processes and insights, delivered on a clear, custom-built dashboard.

Surveil cloud security


Through Surveil’s automation, transparency, and AI-powered analytics, organisations can take extra steps to protect themselves and their data. By identifying leavers with lingering access to applications, IT teams can close security gaps, while automated governance ensures risk is minimised across the organisation, and usage monitoring ensures employees are using security solutions correctly.

Surveil cloud asset management


Use Surveil’s metrics and insights to inform critical business decisions and create a bigger picture of your organisation, gaining a new level of control over the progress and success of its digital transformation journey.

Surveil for Microsoft 365 and Surveil for Microsoft Azure

Two Priorities, One Platform

Whether you’re looking to make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment, or after Microsoft Azure cost optimisation and FinOps support, Surveil is built to help. With two instances – one for Azure and one for Microsoft 365 – available via a single platform, Surveil offers a smooth and powerful experience without interruption.

Cloud optimization with Surveil Health Check

Health Check

Unsure of the savings you could be making in your Microsoft 365 or Azure environment? Want to know more about your employees’ adoption and usage of new solutions? Keen to better understand security and identity vulnerabilities? The Surveil Health Check is free, 21-day service that highlights your organisation’s challenges and potential improvements, opening up a whole new world of possibility.

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